Contractor Newsletter: January 2020

Program updates

Reminder of pre-approval — As of January 1, 2020, pre-approval is required on all projects in order to receive a rebate. Pre-approval means that a project application must be submitted in good order and receive a pre-approval letter before construction begins.

Pre-approval for the Distributor Instant Discount/Midstream Program is only required if the project rebate funds exceed $1,800.


Direct Discount Program

New Assessment Tool — A new Direct Discount Assessment Tool is now available online, reflecting the incentive change from $0.15/kWh to $0.13/kWh.


  • Full pre-approval is required prior to beginning construction. An on-site verification is NOT considered pre-approval. As of January 1, 2020, if pre-approval is not received prior to construction, the project will not be eligible for a rebate.
  • When submitting projects through the portal, please ensure the kWh savings measure is completed in addition to providing all customer contact information.
  • A distributor invoice related to each project is required as part of your final documentation submission.
  • All Direct Discount Program project details will be communicated with the main point of contact for each company. This contact is assigned when completing the Direct Discount Contractor Agreement and the Direct Discount contractor training webinar. If there are questions regarding your projects, please contact the account manager assigned to your rebate or the program management team.

Distributor Instant Discount/Midstream Program

The following changes were made to the Distributor Instant Discount Program as of January 1, 2020:

  • A-line lamps 1,600 lumens or higher will be reduced from $6 to $4.
  • Exterior fixtures will be moved to a single category, Wall Packs and Floods:
LED Exterior Products Wall Packs & Floods
Lumens Incentive
251 – 7,900 $40
7,901 – 24,700 $70
24,701 – 54,650 $85

Thanks to everyone who has been using the Distributor Instant Discount Program. If you have not been using the program for your lighting project rebates, please visit the Distributor Instant Discount Program webpage, where you can download the Participating Distributor List and literature that specifies products and incentive amounts.


Congratulations to our top performers for the month of December!

Most Projects Submitted:
Schneider Electric

Highest kWh Savings:
E4E Solutions LLC

Most Direct Discount Projects Submitted:
A1 Energy, Inc.

Highest Distributor Instant Discount Sales:
Friedman Electric Supply

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