Saltro Seed Treatment Available for 2020 Season
Upgraded SDS Protection continues to be a focus of discussion because of its devastating effect on soybean yield.  As the disease continues to wreak havoc on yields, your farmers may be looking for better protection for their crop. They plant NK® varieties with SDS and/or SCN resistance but have only had one seed treatment option to rely upon. Have they ever asked you what else they can do to manage this disease? You’ll now have another option to recommend that is an upgrade over the standard to which you’re both accustomed.
SDS visible on soybean leaves. Stanton, MN; 2019
Saltro® fungicide seed treatment will be available for use in the 2020 season. It will offer superior protection from SDS and will have activity on a broad spectrum of nematodes, including soybean cyst. Your customers will be able to continue planting earlier into cooler, wetter soils and know they have the best SDS protection without any plant stress side effects.

Consequences of above ground early-season plant stress

The visible, above ground stress can start off the season on the wrong foot.

Above ground stress may translate to:
  • Slowed plant growth and stunting
  • Reduced foliage and thinner plant stands
  • Delayed leaf canopy closure leading to increased weed competition 
As seen in the comparison, Saltro-treated soybeans clearly look healthier and less stressed than the soybeans treated with ILeVO® treatment.
Syngenta trials at The Seedcare Institute™, Stanton, MN; 10 days after planting in pest-free soil; April 2019
Hidden impact of below ground early-season stress

While soybeans may outgrow the side effects from early-season above ground stress, they cannot fully recover from lowered yield potential caused by below ground stress affecting the roots.

Below ground stress may translate to:
  • Decreased root biomass and reduced ability to take up water and nutrients
  • Diminished ability to reach full genetic yield potential 
As seen in the comparison, Saltro-treated soybeans have greater root mass compared to the ILeVO-treated soybeans.
comparison roots
Saltro + CruiserMaxx® Vibrance®
lLeVO + CruiserMaxx Vibrance
Syngenta trials; soybeans under heavy SDS and SCN pressure; Valmeyer, IL; May 2019
Upgrade your seed treatment offering

Saltro helps protect the SDS- and SCN-resistant genetics in NK varieties so soybeans can reach their full genetic yield potential. You offer your farmers top-notch varieties so why not offer them superior SDS protection without the stress by upgrading them to Saltro as their SDS seed treatment?
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